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Coast to Coast Teams compete regionally and nationally with tournament teams traveling throughout the West and East (Coast to Coast)

Who Should Try Out?


For the player that wants to play lacrosse in high school and beyond. The LA Wave feeds the Coast to Coast teams, and at the same time is dedicated to working with newer players on stick skills and gaining experience.


Which Team?


Players are grouped by age and may be selected to play "up" when level of skill warrants. Team chemistry is critical since Coast to Coast teams compete in the most competitive brackets.


“The level of competition that these girls face is fantastic. They really are elevating the play in the LA area.”


“There are a lot of clubs to play for, but this coaching staff really gets it. It's not always about the wins and losses, it's about the lessons learned”


“Coast to Coast has made my daughter a better player by increasing her fitness and training her mind as well as her body.”

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