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With roots from the east coast and a belief that your zip code has no bearing on how good you can be in

lacrosse, Director Michele Uhlfelder came west to be a pioneer in the growth of the lacrosse. Among

milestones like developing the first west coast All-Americans, first Team USA players and first team to earn a

NCAA tournament bid,  Uhlfelder brought the vision of club lacrosse. Developing skills, Lax IQ and competitive

experience in the off- season meant players returned to their schools and youth programs as more skilled and

confident players, thus raising the level of lacrosse in the area. Enter the trickle down factor...organically, the

level of the game in the region and state rose tremendously as our players' teams became better and pushed

their competitors to become better. The first club in Northern California was the Bay Area WAVE, est. 2002.

This push became a movement, whereby we accelerated skill and players' love of the game. We mentored and  

stayed focused on player growth - on and off the field - helping players maximize their potential in the game

(and often scholastically and socially.) Many players became prepared college prospects  and we helped

facilitate the process of becoming a student - athlete at all levels (Division 1, 2, 3 and Collegiate Club) by

helping families manage the recruiting process.


Tournaments became opportunities to not only gain extremely valuable competitive expereince against players

from all over the country, but also to "get out of our bubble" and gain exposure to various aspects of the sport including:  various styles; extreme growth, reach and pace of the game; high level officiating; and the network of college coaches and outside opportunities.  For our coaches it was a great space to take practice to the game and capitalize on teachable moments for our girls, see light bulbs go off and support/reward the girls for their focus, preparation and healthy approach to competiton.  We coaches networked with our friends - college coaches and other club coaches.  The team  also bonded, went to some neat places and had a lot of fun.



  • separate from the pack 

  • build skills, athleticism, confidence and knowledge of lacrosse 

  • become a more complete player

  • gain valuable experience through great drills and playing competitively

  • gain exposure to the real profile of the sport and its opportunities

  • improve playing pace, positioning, creativity, ability to handle pressure

  • build frienships and community: bond, boost, BE YOU!

  • gain exposure to role models, mentors and teachers with excellent experience and knowledge

  • experience personal growth and development, including new friends and life skills

  • enjoy team development model

  • learn the game; learn to think two steps ahead; learn full application of the rules through higher level play

  • parents enjoy more highly officiated games, faster paced games, and professional coaches who can teach your daughter

  • build a family's access to well connected coaches as resources for navigating the game (locally, regionally, nationally, collegiately)

  • gain exposure to college coaches, support and mentoring with the college recruiting process




  • the "P's" -  player centered | positive | productive | prepared | purposeful | progressive

  • teach skills, technique and positional work that set players up for success to meet important progress steps now, and a long term future in the game

  • inspire players

  • pay attention to details that help players "get it"

  • break things down for players: little things and big things

  • pass on our knowledge and experience as innovative teachers

  • individual player development

  • master the fundamentals

  • team development: strategies in each end of the field and special situations 

  • college preparation 

  • facilitate the recruiting process


MOTTO's  & M.O.

"Listen, learn, apply"

Pay attention to detail

Bring a smile

Be present and in the moment. Leave "it" at the gate.

No drama zone

"Players play, coaches coach, parents support."

"Leave no trace" (leave the field/facility  better than we found it)

Get out of our bubbles

"Learn Play Represent"

Good body language and attitude





We responsibly teach the rules of the game…
We progressively teach the skills of the game…
We coach in the spirit of the game.


We are passionate about lacrosse!

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