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I.D. DAY | Evaluations | Tryouts 

Sunday October 11, 2020 

   Santa Monica High School

   601 Pico Ave, Santa Monica

   Grass field of Baseball Diamond

Elementary       12:30-2:00pm

Middle School  12:30-2:30pm 

High School      2:00-4:00pm

Sign in at 4th St. gate

Social distance and COVID screening/ contactless temperature protocols


I.D. Day Registration

All players attending I.D.Day/Tryouts must complete waivers, forms, payment. Click on payment box below to add to your cart.

Bring ALL playing equipment including cleats and athletic flat shoes (for any activity on a non-field surface.)

Must have stick, goggles and mouth guard (mandatory.) Goalies bring all goalie equipment.

We need the ability to create two opposing teams (ie. light team, dark team.)

In addition we need to be able to identify all players.

  • Returning Wave players wear your reversible and numbered Wave Jersey.

  • New players wear a numbered reversible pinnie. If your pinnie doesn't have a number, bring a roll of athletic tape to I.D. Day.   If you do not have a reversible pinnie, email us at:

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