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I want to let you know how much the LA WAVE program has given to my daughter in terms of positive growth as an athlete and a young women.  She has found a passion in LAX that drives her to want to practice every day, take privates and excel at each practice.  She can be too hard on herself but she has opened up her mind to learn to handle the stress she inflicts on herself and change her self dialogue.  


You have created a platform though your WAVE program to foster girls to be be bold, take risks and dream big. I believe a huge part of this is providing strong female role models like yourself and the coaching staff you hire to teach our girls to feel empowered.  This will serve them later on in life to set healthy boundaries with others due to knowing their self worth, break down barriers and defy the odds that my generation feared at times due to seeing ourselves through the lens of dissimilar coaches.


Whether she plays D1, club, or goes to the Olympics is irreverent to us as parents.  Our wish to raise strong, kind, curious and healthy human beings.  I wanted to share my gratitude with you and thank you.  Too many times we hear the complaints in our lives.  I wanted to pause and celebrate the positive my daughter is experiencing being part of WAVE.  


See you at the tournaments.  I will be the parent enjoying the game, parents and athletes.


Wave has been instrumental in giving our daughter the strength and confidence she needs on the field and helped her improve her playing all around. Coaches really believe in the girls and helps motivate them to play their best. Wave has given our daughter the opportunity to play with girls from all over and the opportunity to travel and play teams from all over the country. The coaching style works to constantly improve the girls level of play and emphasizes their strengths while nurturing areas of needed improvement."

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