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  • What if I have to miss practice?
    Significant attention and planning goes into preparing our club. Players are expected to be at practice. Families are expected to work hard to make every effort to calendar accordingly. However, there may be circumstances that arise and we ask you to communicate as early as possible. This will help coaches plan. Realize coaches do make decisions that presume each players' attendance. You should make every effort to maintain 85% attendance. Also, player confidence and competitiveness go hand in hand with consistency. Players who have to miss practice are expected to take the initiative to know the strategies, concepts, and drills that were missed. Coaches can help facilitate this review, as well as other players relaying info. Due to the nature of club and the significant need for preplanning and advanced commitment to facilities, tournamentst, and coaches we do not pro-rate for missed practices or tourneys. For special circumstances, please contact the director for individual case-by-case review.
  • Do you give refunds?
    Due to significant planning and the nature of advanced commitment to tournament registration, facility contracts and staff, there are no refunds after registration (unless an administrative mistake was made.) Pricing includes the package of practices and tournaments. If an individual circumstance arises, it may be brought to the attention of the director in writing. Injuries, illness or major extenuating circimstaces will be considered by applying a portion of the funds to the following season or other expenses.
  • Do players stay in hotel rooms with other players, or with parents?"
    We do not require players stay together in player rooms for these local/regional tournaments. Although it's great for team bonding, typically a large number of parents are attending these local/regional tourneys. And typically parents want to be as economical as possible, so we support players staying with their parents.This makes the most sense for younger players; older players may get more creative and have options once they start driving. For national tournaments, Wave creates shared player rooms and girls room together. If parents are not attending, we can help pair up players with other parents if you are not successful doing that naturally with teammates/people you know. We will help be solution oriented and creative so that the player gets to play. Supervision is a priority, so we can work together on solutions if parents cannot attend or get stuck.
  • Do parents make hotel reservations or does Wave?
    For local/regional tournaments, parents make their own reservations. If parent planning is ahead of Wave efforts to make a team block through the tournament's housing authority, we suggest parents booking their own individual reservation from the tournament's hotel and lodging links (each tournament has lodging instructions.) Many tournament locations are in travel destinations and booking can become extremely competitive. Wave will try to book the largest block that a tournament will give us; if the contract requirements do not penalize Wave for rooms not picked up, then we pass along booking links to you. Parents then call in and put the room under their name and credit card. We strive for reasonably priced properties that appeal to most. If you make your own reservation, we suggest that it be refundable. That way if Wave's booking contract needs to have rooms picked up, or are provided at a savings or at a more attractive hotel, you can book in the Wave block. Make sure you know your own cancellation policies. Wave will pass on any cancellation policies that our contract stipulates.
  • Why is there a fee for using my credit card?
    Most transactions these days have a 2.6-3.5% charge on them for using credit, because somewhere in the process a merchant has to try to secure the funds from the user's bank account, then route to the vendor. Those companies also need to be extremely secure. We have not come across any free transactions. The company we go with has a 3% fee. Most day to day transaction fees are hidden in the cost of whatever you are buying from plane tickets to the price of a hamburger. While it is preferred to collect online for ease of recording, reporting, processing and timing, we offer checks as a way for people to pay offline if necessary There are many processing platforms, for example, Paypal, Zelle, Venmo...and others...all of them function differently, with different things they require of us, different rules about privacy, reporting, etc. We are set up through our website for, which is the most secure processor by industry standards. We take the security of your information seriously.
  • I saw a shipping fee in my cart, what is that?"
    When purchasing directly from the website you will see that the "shipping fee" is 3%. This is the credit card processing fee, however the website platform is limited to what fields we can add. The website does not let us insert a line item called online credit card processing, so we set the standard field of "Shipping" at 3%.
  • Installment plan prices are all different, why?"
    Expenses in the beginning of the season are higher due to a large expenditure to register teams and finalize field contract. To cover costs we collect more in the beginning. Expenses decrease later in the season; this is reflected in the installment plans decreasing.
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