Frequently asked questions

How do I book a tour?

To reserve your place on our “Experience Tours” please follow the link from your chosen departure point on here to book online today. For private lessons or any additional information please call 07399 588489 or email to

What should I take with me?

Make sure that you bring appropriate clothing for the forecast weather conditions on the day of your tour. We would recommend the following:

  • Water shoes/old trainers
  • Spare set of dry clothes
  • Hat, Sun cream and sunglasses for sunny days
  • Waterproofs for rainy days
  • Towel
  • Thermals and wetsuit for colder days (we have wetsuits for hire if required)

Most importantly…bring your sense of fun and adventure!

Do I need any previous experience to join?

No, but you do need to be able to swim! Most of our guests have no previous experience of paddle boarding. At all of our launch sites we will start with a safety briefing and make you familiar with all of the equipment that you will use. Regardless of your age or skill level you will find our experience tours safe and rewarding.

Are there any physical limitations?

Anyone in average physical condition can enjoy our “Experience Tours”. The only prerequisite is a spirit of adventure and the ability to swim. Our tours are not considered to be physically demanding, therefore you do not require a high level of fitness. However, If you have any physical impairments that require special services, please give us a call to discuss your needs.

Is there an age limit?

We are happy for under 18's to join our tours, if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. We will provide buoyancy aid, which must be worn. They should be able to confidently swim 50m unaided. There is no upper age limit. Please give us a call to discuss any questions relating to age.

What happens if I fall in?

Falling in is part of the learning experience! Most of the time, you will just get back on the board and carry on. If the weather is cool, we may recommend a change of clothing.

Is there parking at your launch sites?

There is nearby parking at all of our launch sites. Please see the details included in the itinerary for your tour. Most of our launch sites have Pay and Display car parks with hourly charges. The parking fees are not included in your “Experience Tour” booking fee.

Is there anywhere to store my belongings?

You can store belongings in our vehicle for the duration of your session. We recommend that you do not bring valuables with you. We cannot take responsibility for items that you choose to store in our vehicle. We have 15 ltr Dry Bags which are available for hire if you wish to take belongings with you.

If the weather is bad will it be rescheduled?

In the interest of safety, we do not head onto the water in high winds or if there is thunder and lightning in the weather forecast. We will inform you at the earliest opportunity if we need to cancel a session and will endeavour to reschedule to the next available date. Your safety and enjoyment will be our first priority when accessing the weather conditions.

Have another question??

Contact us on 07399 588489 - we'll be happy to help!