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L.A. Wave has pioneered the growth of lacrosse in the Los Angeles, North L.A. and Southbay areas since 2008 as the region's first club. Our L.os Angeles, Bay Area (NorCal), and San Diego teams are powered by our parent company  Coast to Coast Sports. Overall our goal is to : grow and raise the level of the game in L.A., while providing playing opportunities for girls, providing high level coaching and solidifying pathways to playing lacrosse in college (at all levels) if players desire.


 Our motto: "Learn. Play. Represent...Coast to Coast" reflects the pioneer spirit that we REPRESENT our towns, our state and the west coast. Yes, represent yourself, teammates and coaches well...but zoom out and rep west coast lax. We have a chance to influence what other people think about lacrosse when they see "California" on the back of our jerseys. In other words we want to:  validate west coast lax when playing in region, represent growth areas in general, and be role models when on the national scene. We will take our game on the road and benefit from getting out of our "bubble." It helps us to play at a higher pace, with different officials and against different styles and talent. Lastly, let's make sure that the left coast puts up a fight on the field and rattles the cages of the "establishment."  Let's support our own mission to be relevant in the sport.  #REPRESENT


THE                 STORY

L.A.Wave's first practices in Eagle Rock took place with girls from Glendale HS and LaCanada HS

with the goal of a L.A. team attending the Sandstorm Tournament. At first, the girls acted like the

strangers that they were. Different home life and coming from different schools and backgrounds

seemed to be a barrier.  Each team put down their bags in totally separate areas, they partnered up

with only those they knew...nobody spoke to anyone from the other school, in fact the practice was

silent except for coaches talking. "Awkward" describes the first practice.


The second practice encouraged some interaction by announcing, "all bags on the bench,"

accompanied by a little music on the PA. "Everyone come in and grab one of our pinneys..." at least

this kept everyone in the same time zone. And only having two Sharpies for the group to write out their

name tags at least encouraged some loitering behavior... A better start. Girls were more expressive

and not as nervous in drills, but even at water breaks, there was still very limited interaction. The

vision of creating a team seemed like it was overly optimistic and probably not going to happen at that

point...maybe we'd just have a few practices and call it a day

The third practice is referred to by Coach U. as a "highlight moment that ranks among the top lacrosse experiences" of her life.  Imagine that...among winning gold medals, playing in NCAA Championship games, being honored as National Player of the Year and a National Hall of Fame Inductee, what else would rate?  Coach U. came out of the locker room that night to see all the girls braiding each others' hair, laughing, telling jokes, dancing and having a great time. WHAT?!!  They were actually touching each other?...last week they wouldn't even talk to each other. It highlighted the fact that lacrosse makes friends and  brings people together; it builds bonds and breaks down barriers and stereotypes - things that Coach U. had experienced herself  on the international lacrosse seen playing in places like Japan, Australia and Scotland and doing clinics in non-traditional lacrosse areas.  However, she was floored when it happened, against all odds, right there in the most genuine and unique way. The team went on to REPRESENT at Sandstorm.


The rest is history!

What's in a name?

Growing up close to the water, it's easy to fall in love with the ocean. Memories of playing in the ocean and enjoying the beach are some that last a lifetime. It's a place to breathe. It's also a place to be mesmerized by the waves - their formation, their color, their rhythm - no two ever seem the same and it's different everyday. They can be little breakers or pounding surf, riptides or tide pools. White water or glassy. The power of the water is undeniable. What an incredible natural resource. It's ALIVE - a constant  dynamic force. What a "mascot!"


For those growing up near the coast, water and waves are in our DNA. We, at WAVE Lacrosse, have lived on both the left and right coasts, and many places in between. Along with beach life and a respect of the water, WAVE Lacrosse represents a movement and strong force in the growth of lacrosse. It represents being mobile, fluid, strong, Wave brings both coasts together, a recognizable and shared logo symbolizing that lacrosse is lacrosse - east, west, north or south. You are relevant. You are lacrosse. Now, go play and CATCH THE WAVE!...GO COAST TO COAST!


#makingwaves #ridethewave



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