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The Los Angeles WAVE is a premier club team for girls playing lacrosse. We are a high school and youth development program which meets outside of the scholastic/CIF spring lacrosse season. We believe that the off-season is where skills are developed and knowledge of the game is broadened.Our mission is simple: We strive to provide playing opportunities and high-level coaching for girls playing lacrosse.


Our focus is broad:


  • We compete nationally and regionally in elite tournaments, providing a next-level competitive experience to our players, while showcasing our players to college coaches for maximum exposure and recruitment opportunities

  • We are proficient at teaching players to play lacrosse who have no experience

  • We elevate our players’ game, no matter their level

  • We inspire players through inspired teaching

  • We use creative drills, practice plans, and progressions so that players build on their skills

  • We creatively teach strategy of the game and tricks of the trade

  • We positively encourage our players’ competitiveness

  • We work with the whole athlete, incorporating speed, agility, quickness, and conditioning into our program

  • We offer guidance in the college recruiting process and serve as resources for our members

  • We strive to put the “FUN” in FundamentalsWe responsibly teach the rules of the game…We progressively teach the skills of the game…We coach in the spirit of the game.


We are passionate about lacrosse!


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“As a rec coach, it is great to know that when you drop off your daughter to practices, that they are really learning. The coaching staff are fantastic.”


“I am impressed with how much learning goes into these practices. Conditioning, Lax I.Q., Individual skills and Team concepts...Amazing!”


“This was my daughter's first attempt with a Club Level sport. I was concerned that it might be too competitive, but she fit right in and LOVES IT!”

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