Due by April 20th. This installment is applied to initial player training/practices, secures player registration and deposits on tournaments. To this first installment the online merchant credit card processing fee will be added. It will appear as a shipping charge of $36 upon check out. This fee goes directly to pay Authorize.net for credit card merchant processing - a leading provider of cyber security. These funds do not benefit Wave. This fee is calculated on the total summer payement. However, it will be applied up front only, meaning only applied to the first installment purchase. Transactions 2 and 3 will be processed by Authorize.net, however NO fees will be charged for those. Credit card transactions and 3rd party processing for credit card transactions are standard practice for registrations/payments of all kinds and we have chosen to use a very secure provider for our members to use in conjunction with the webstore provider.

HS/U15 Installment 1 - Payment Plan/Deposit