Game shorts and jersey. High quality dri-fit material will last a long time, making this virtually a one-time purchase. Athletic cut and comfy fit. Price includes garment at cost and all shipping, taxes, and online merchant fee is taken care of. Jersey #'s are handed out on a larger scale, so we cannot guarantee player choice. Sizes are most accurate based on height and weight. Wave Staff orders the sizes based on several years of experience with the cut of the uniform. We guage sizes based off of the information given in the Player Profile/Waiver Form. Parents do not have to guess at sizing and do not have to choose sizes when ording this uniform.

New Uniform: New Player or Replacement

  • Wave will order sizes for each player. As a result of doing size runs for several years on this particular cut and style, we use the best determinant for sizing which is height and weight. As long as parents filled out the Player Info section on the pre-tryout form (Player Info/Medical/Waiver) then you are all set. If you have conerns that you listed things wrong, feel free to send an email with player's height and weight.