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Returner Deposit - Early Bird

Returner Deposit - Early Bird


Due by Feb 22, 2018. With the early bird deposit of $450, your roster spot is held AND you will receive $200 off of your season dues. This is for players returning from the Fall/Winter 2017-18 season which recently ended at the 2018 Sandstorm.

  • Return Policy

    Non-refundable deposit to be applied to tournament registration and training. I understand that due to the nature and expense of pre-planned teams, tournaments, travel and practice, LA Wave/Coast to Coast LLC has a similar no refund policy as many sports organizations. In addition, we do not cut or de-activate players due to injury, therefore players, even injured, are offered solutions and alternatives to training and are absolutely considered a member of the team with full accessibilty to coaches, team activities and training sessions where they may take full advantage of learning. We highly encourage all injured players to attend practice. In the event of major illness or season-ending injury which fully deactivates the player from all sports activity, a request may be made in writing, accompanied by a doctors medical findings from diagnostic testing regarding the injury or situation so it can be reviewed. It may be eligible for partial refund at the discretion of LA Wave/Coast to Coast LLC, but parents should expect allocation to the next season. No partial refunds will be given until after the conclusion of the season.

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