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Customization available with Name and or Name/#. If you do not fill in the custom text info, the bag with Wave logo only. Price includes bag at cost and all shipping, taxes, and online merchant fee is taken care of.

  • Bag Info & Specs

    Time to show your WAVE spirit with the official Harrow Team Elite Backpack. The Elite backpack is perfect for any multi-sport athlete on the go. With three large zipper compartments and a cushioned mesh backing, the Elite allows you to comfortably store all of your gear. A stick holder on each side allows you to be hands free and carry your lacrosse sticks. The cost above includes: (1) the Elite backpack with embroidered WAVE logo and player's name; (2) tax and (3) shipping. Color is "Wave" blue, similar to the uniforms, with light grey and white accents.

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