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Tip of the Month: Draw - Quicks and Finesse

TIP OF THE MONTH: It’s the Draw, not an Arm Wrestling Competition From Coach Trenna Hill, Syracuse '12: Many times while taking the draw, it often becomes a wrestling match. Even if you are not the one instigating that hard, dominating pressure, you automatically have to push back to keep the equal pressure and then you just find yourself in an awkward position with both drawers trying to muscle over the other to somehow display dominance. The only thing you are accomplishing by doing that however, is quite literally pushing the ball into your opponents stick. It is not who is the strongest that will end up victorious, it is who is the quickest off the whistle and off the line.To end this awkward wrestling match that you did not sign up for when you agreed to take the draw, simply apply equal or even less pressure than your opponent, and when the whistle blows, use the momentum from your opponents’ hard pressure to let the ball be pushed into your stick as you flick it your way, and Voila! You just “won” the draw. Keep in mind however, that whether or not you win or lose the pull, the draw is essentially just a 50/50 ground ball if not caught in the air, and therefore another chance to battle for the loose ball. Reaction time is who will be successful. WIN THE DRAW, RULE THE WORLD.

Peace & Love Wave Lax,

Coach Trenna

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