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"Hi, Today I was playing lacrosse and just sort of thinking about my lacrosse journey thus far and I  wanted to thank you for all you have done for me. It has been such an honor playing for you this past season and I am so exited for summer lax! Thank you for being such a phenomenal coach and giving me such great opportunities on this team!"

"My daughter found it to be a phenomenal experience, including camps, clinics and fall/winter program. We are offered unbelievable coaching at a level where players learn the skills they need to be able to get a feel for what real girls' lacrosse can look like. My daughter learned so much from the staff. To be demanding, inspiring and fun is a true compliment. Their commitment to raising the level of girls' lacrosse in California is passionate and contagious and players are motivated to rise to the challenge while thoroughly enjoying the game. Wave transformed the way my daughters now experience and enjoy lacrosse."

"Wave has been instrumental in giving our daughter the strength and confidence she needs on the field and helped her improve her playing all around. Coaches really believe in the girls and helps motivate them to play their best. Wave has given our daughter the opportunity to play with girls from all over and the opportunity to travel and play teams from all over the country. The coaching style works to constantly improve the girls level of play and emphasizes their strengths while nurturing areas of needed improvement."

“This was my daughter's first attempt with a Club Level sport. I was concerned that it might be too competitive, but she fit right in and LOVES IT!”

“As a rec coach, it is great to know that when you drop off your daughter to practices, that they are really learning. The coaching staff are fantastic.”

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