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Wave Players Thrive at Elite 150 Camp

18 Los Angles and SouthBay Wave girls took advantage of Elite 150 Recruiting Camp in San Diego this past weekend, Aug 7-9th. Camp got great reviews. Everyone had a blast, learned a lot, and showcased their talent for a group of excellent coaches. Staff included coaches from Chapman, UConn, San Diego State, Redlands, Colorado College, UCSB. Student-athletes from Stevens, Lindenwood and Fresno State were in attendance to assist the college coaches with their student-athlete insight, experience, and drills. Coaches shared incredibly valuable insight into what they and peer coaches are looking for, as well as sharing their drills, teaching styles, and motivation in a well run camp directed by Michele Uhlfelder, under Coast to Coast Lacrosse.

CONGRATS TO OUR SPEEDSTERS FOR REPRESENTING L.A.WAVE. Los Angeles swept the final spots in the Fastest Camper finale with Sarah Spaeth, Sydney Bumbarger and Zoe Puccia. Sydney Bumbarger took home the prize, out-legging her frien-a-mies. Congrats Bums! #ReppinCali

Wave players came off of a couple week rest to attend camp where they were pushed. The summer really helped propel Wave players to the next level, and that was evidenced at camp when coaches would comment on things that Wave players were doing that impressed them. Like summer ball, Elite 150 Camp was a great summer end opportunity that added to each players competitive experience and confidence. They received a recruiting binder with information to support the insightful evening sessions: Night 1 - College Coaches Recruiting Panel; Night 2 - Championship Communication. They now enjoy a couple more weeks until school and the Fall/Winter Wave season gets underway. For more information on Elite 150 Recruiting Camp visit:

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