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Sister, Sister: Meeting, Competing, Eating with NorCal and SoCal Wave

Three opportunities presented themselves this summer for LA Wave to interact with our sister teams from Bay Area and South Bay. The kick off event was Sunday of the San Diego Play Day where SB Wave Open squared off vs. LA Wave HS Open. The teams had a lot of fun competing against those in the same uniforms. Opposite colors was not a problem for us, but the poor refs still struggled at times to know who was who. They played along and it was all in good fun as we made a mega uni- sideline to cheer each other on as we played against each other.

The second opportunity again saw SB Wave Open vs. LA Wave playing game one of the Pacific Lacrosse Festival in San Diego. Teams and coaches mixed up and blended in to make things super confusing for the score keepers and refs. Fun for us. Lot's of spirited play to showcase the WAVE WAY....WAY TO REPRESENT!!!

Bay Area Wave and LA Wave hooked up at IWLCA Western Cup, sharing a meal on Friday night. Delayed flights was a problem for some, but both teams shared Italian dinner in the hotel. Those skits will have to wait another year, L.A. Start practicing and getting ready - Bay Area has some great skits and props.

Sister members Brooke & Bridget Greene and Cerrese Ronquillo from South Bay Wave made both the IWLCA Western Cup and Capital Cup rosters. They were great additions to our LA team who won our division at Western Cup and went 3-1 at Capital Cup.

Lastly, to end the summer, 19 girls total from LA, South Bay and Bay Area made the voyage and reconnected at Elite 150 Camp, sharing rooms, having fun and re-connecting. Wave sponsors several teams in NorCal and SoCal providing opportunities to high school, middle school and youth players across approximately 7 teams. Wave provides a network for the girls. Many stay in touch and stay friends. We provides a larger perspective and opportunity to meet girls from other areas, and potentially play with them at various events.

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