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Wave Mascots

The two most adorable mascots a team could want! Autumn (Kim) has logged a few more miles than Nami (Peng) to date. Autumn is seen presiding over the Wave tent at Western Cup, with specific orders to look after the footwork ladder (which team members sometimes have a hard time with.) Autumn is the best manager we've had. She's worked so hard at watching our gear, that her eyes have turned Wave blue. She loves Gatorade and Jimmy Johns.

Nami (WHICH MEANS WAVE IN JAPANESE!!) is the newest member of the Wave family. Obviously making her little self comfortable and settling right in. With Wave blue eyes and the purrrfect spot in the Wave back pack, Nami is rocking it out in style. Obviously a very cool cat to be hanging out for the Wave beach party. Can you say ADORABLE?!

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