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Remembering a Father and a Daughter...and a family.       1/26/2020                                

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We Are...

A premier Los Angeles lacrosse club, with the vision that started it all in L.A. We grow the game and strive to help our players reach their potential and beyond. We have raised the level of play in Los Angeles and in all of Southern California. Wave Lacrosse provides out-of-season training and high quality playing opportunities for High School, Middle School and Elementary School players in all of the Los Angeles Metro Area and the Valley. Players represent several dozen different schools and areas, but come together to train with our coaches and compete. Through Wave, players gain local, regional and national experience and exposure. Wave players stand out on their teams and continue to push the competitive level of lacrosse in SoCal.


With the goal of maximizing potential, whether ranging from athletic new players to college bound athletes, we strive to give players excellent coaching and female role models. Planned and taught by top-notch highly creative and some of the most experienced coaches in the game. Wave staff are current and former players and coaches from NCAA D1, D2, D3, WCLA, Pro Women's Lacrosse, World Cup and Team USA. We take an innovative, player-centered, positive and productive approach where we work hard and have fun!  Wave focuses on both individual and team development. We strive to take our players' lax IQ, positional skills, stick skills, technique, game strategy, anticipation and athleticism to the next level. Wave Lacrosse emphasizes building the complete player. We are run for girls, by women. We are a leader in our field, providing mentorship to players, guidance to parents, and ultimately a resource for the family in the college recruiting process.



High School

Middle School



High School

Middle School


Athlete Scholarship Fund






Coast to Coast, powering Wave Lacrosse,  has fundraised      donated     allocated

$800,000 to support playing opportunities for girls and women.


Project Play

Athlete Scholarship Fund

Project Play helps Wave and Coast to Coast Lacrosse athletes who otherwise would not have the opportunity.  The Athlete Scholarship Fund supports the personal growth and sport development of players by helping offset the costs associated with travel, registration, training, education, coaching and equipment. We grant opportunities to compete and grow in the sport, advance skills, get exposure, experience excellent coaching, learn leadership skills and grow socially. 

Donations have helped youth and high school players of all levels consistently attend practice, compete regionally, as well as showcase their abilities at national college recruiting events. Our program teaches x’s and o’s, and more importantly, it fosters confidence,
leadership and life skills - the tangibles and intangibles - that carry over from the field to life. Players are supported in their growth, make new friends from different social circles, and are afforded experiences that they may not otherwise have. We are inspired by the growth of our players. The goal of PROJECT PLAY is to help as many families as possible.

Over the years, Wave, 'powered by U' and Coast to Coast have fundraised / donated / allocated $800,000 to support playing opportunities for girls and women. We are excited to use our many years of experience to grow the game of lacrosse.

 Your donation is tax deductible.  For questions and donations please fill out the form below to confirm your pledge, mailing address, Project Play's tax ID#, and how you would like your donation applied.


Thank you for your support!



 Featured Interview

getting a late start in the game
Hall of fame induction speech

A good lacrosse player plays where the ball is. A great lacrosse player plays where the ball is going to be.  

from Wayne Gretzky

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